Nova Scotia Asphalt User Producer Association will be presenting a free ½ day workshop on the topic of Ultra-Thin Bonded Wearing Course Paving.  We will be hosting 3 guest speakers from Vermont to provide both an Agency Perspective as well as a Contractor Perspective with the use of Spray Pavers for Highway Maintenance. This technology is being considered for use in our province and the session is designed as an opportunity for contractors, consultants, suppliers and agencies to learn from individuals with hands on experience.  

The event will be co-sponsored by Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and Halifax Regional Municipality.  Coffee and refreshments will be provided.  

At this time we will be limiting the event to two people from each member company to allow for space. Please email indicating your Company Name and the Names of the Attendees. Please have your names submitted by Wednesday January 28, 2015.

Workshop Details

Date: february 11, 2014

LOCATION: Holiday Inn Harbourview, 9 am

NSUPA Spray Paver Workshop 2015