Board of Directors

  • Guy Kendziora, McAsphalt
  • Derrick Carey, Nova
  • Matt Jobb, Dexter
  • Ed Surrette, HRM
  • Jim Mathorne, NSTIR


  • Sean O'Connor, President
  • Stephen Hill, Vice President
  • Jeff McEwen, Past President
  • Julie Highes, Treasurer
  • Yuri Power, Secretary

Mission Statement

Article II: Mission Statement

To provide a vehicle for all the stakeholders in the Nova Scotia hot mix asphalt concrete (HMA) industry to exchange information and promote the effective and efficient use of HMA.

Article III: Goal, Objectives and Functions

Section 1. The Nova Scotia User Producer Association (NSUPA) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization established under the laws of the Province of Nova Scotia .

Section 2. The main goal of the Association is to promote and foster effective development, production, design, placement, and re-use of bituminous materials.

Section 3. The specific objectives of the Association are:

(1) To provide a forum for sharing information.

(2) To act as an organization for promoting HMA.

(3) To provide support to all other groups and associations in the HMA industry.

(4) To liaise with similar groups and associations in other jurisdictions

(5) To identify available opportunities for advancement of the NSUPA objectives, and work cooperatively to this end.

Section 4. Functions of the Association: In order to achieve the Associations objectives, the following shall be among the chief functions:

(1) Prepare programs, meetings and organize Annual Seminars, workshops, or symposiums.

(2) Promote, create, increase and enhance awareness of best practices in design, production, transportation, handling, placement, construction, operation and all related activities in asphalt concrete and bituminous materials.

(3) Facilitate the exchange of information among all stakeholders in the Nova Scotia HMA industry.

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